Gny Token & Tokenomics

GNY Tokens

GNY Mainnet utility tokens are the backbone of the GNY Blockchain and will be an integral part of unlocking features and abilities on the GNY Range Report. Right now it is only possible to purchase ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions of the token on exchanges, then use GNY’s innovative Swapgate to convert them to GNY Mainnet tokens, enabling access to GNY’s ML utility, delegate voting etc.

GNY Swapgate

GNY’s Swapgate was built to swap between the GNY Mainnet utility token and the GNY-BEP20, GNY-ERC20 tokens that are available for trade and purchase on exchanges. The Swapgate will eventually offer seamless movement between these token formats to unlock collaborative ML and crypto insights directly unlocked through metamask and the GNY Mobile Wallet.

You can see how the tokens sit within the GNY ecosystem and can flow through the GNY Swapgate in this informative diagram.

Step-by-step guides on how to swap GNY tokens can be found here.

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