Relative Returns

The Relative Returns chart is a benefit analysis tool that helps traders who are considering investing in or divesting from certain assets to compare their performance on a relative basis. Our Relative Returns chart incorporates market data from our proprietary data warehouse and displays as an oscillating line graph chart overlaid with a horizontal line. The dotted zero line denotes zero percent change or a neutral price performance.

When the oscillating line of a particular asset ranges below the zero line, that shows the asset has performed negatively. Conversely, when the oscillating line of a particular asset ranges above the zero line, that shows the asset has performed positively.

The Select Tokens dropdown provides you with toggles that allow you to select an individual asset for close analysis or select a group of assets to allow you to compare and contrast return performance.

The Select Period dropdown provides you with a selection of historical time period windows within which to view the return data.

Opportunity cost is a term used to describe a potential benefit that someone loses out on when selecting a particular option over another. If, for example, you sink your investment funds into BTC, you cannot spend those funds on ETH. Hypothetically, should ETH return more than BTC during the period you are holding BTC, then you have just experienced the opportunity cost of selecting BTC. Studying the Relative Returns chart may help traders make better investment choices, primarily by considering the alternatives so that they may avoid opportunity cost.

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